Planning a trip overseas 2016

Join me as I begin to plan my 2016 trip to the UK, France and Spain.  It has been a while since I ventured overseas – about 12 years – but, this is so very important to me that I actually accomplish this trip.  There are other places I would love to see, but they must wait for another time.

I’ve booked my tickets and purchased travel insurance.  That’s done!  Now, let’s look at some possibilities.  I decided to start with London and I hope that is not a mistake because I hear that Heathrow is a nightmare to get in and out of customs.  AND, I have yet to figure out what art equipment to take with me.  I recently had a horrible experience at the Los Angeles International trying to get two tubes of oil paint on my trip home.  I had to squeeze out 1/2 the tube.  What a waste of expensive oil paint!!!